Friday, December 7, 2012

Notorious BIG autopsy report released by LAPD

15 years...

That's how long ago Biggie was shot and killed on the dark streets of Los Angeles one midnight.

This morning the Los Angeles Coroners office released the 23 page autopsy report of Notorious BIG (Christopher Wallace) in a attempt to spark new interest and possible new leads according to LAPD LT. Andrew Neiman. A lawyer representing Biggie's family told the media that the family was outraged that such information would be released without the consent of theirs. 15 years and no suspect lets hope that this last desperate rather unorthodox attempt can shed some light on who took this Hip Hop icon from us and give the Wallace family some closure.

At the time of his death Notorious BIG had become a icon and taken a dominant place in the Hip Hop culture and history as a legend. 

"If you dont know now you know"- BIG

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